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Year-Round Classes 2020-21

2020-21 School Year Registration

Upon registration for the 2020-21 school year classes, you will be asked to select “in person” or “zoom”.

Registration policy

  • Registration is exclusively available online. Parents can register or add classes online but need to contact the office via email to switch or cancel classes. Annual Non-Refundable Registration fee: $80.
  • An electronic signed waiver is required before confirmation of registration of any class online. A printed version must be signed for a single class/drop in lesson and emailed to the office 24 hours prior to the class.

Download the 2020-21 Terms & Conditions & Waiver

  • Tuition is paid on a monthly basis online and is due on the first of the month. Methods of payment accepted are Visa, MasterCard, Check or Cash. Automatic payments will be charged on the 5th of the month, except for August. A $10.00 late fee will be charged for manual or declined credit card payments received after the 5th of the month. A $25.00 fee will be charged for returned checks. Monthly class tuition cannot be pro-rated.

  • August tuition (1/2 month) is due at time of registration in order to reserve placement in class.
  • There are no refunds for missed classes. Make up classes should take place:

    –the same month as the missed classes

    –by taking a class the same level as the missed class

    –the teacher must be informed if the class is a make-up.

    Missed Classes – New Policy: Make up classes can only be taken via Zoom due to restrictions on the number of students for in-person classes. Please contact the office for a Zoom link to make up a class. A minimum of 24 hours is required.

  • Termination of attendance must be given in writing via email to the office by the 20th of the month.



Single class / Drop-in  $25
1 class per week   $88
 2 classes per week   $168
 3 classes per week   $240
 4 classes per week   $304
 5 classes per week   $370
 6 classes per week   $432
 7 classes per week   $490
 8 classes per week   $544
 9 classes per week   $594
 10 classes per week   $640
 11 classes per week   $682
 12 classes or unlimited * per week   $720

*Unlimited does not include competition classes


Studio Holidays


  • Labor Day: Monday September 7th, 2020 the studio will be closed. Please make up the class you will miss – there are no refunds for missed classes due to Labor Day.
  • Thanksgiving break: Thursday November 26th through Sunday November 29th, 2020. Please make up the class(es) you will miss – there are no refunds for missed classes due to Thanksgiving break.

  • Winter break: Monday December 21st, 2020 through Sunday January 3rd, 2021. Classes resume Monday January 4th, 2021.

  • Memorial Day: Monday May 31st, 2021 the studio will be closed. Please make up classes you will miss – there are no refunds for missed classes due to Memorial Day.

  • Last day of class: Friday June 11th, 2021. There are no classes on Saturday June 12th. Please make up the class you will miss. There are no refunds for missed classes due to the Recital.


*Please note:

From Monday August 17th to Saturday December 19th, there are 18 weeks (4 1/2 months of tuition) therefore August is half month tuition & September, October, November and December are full month tuition. From Monday January 4th to Friday June 11th, there are 23 weeks (5 3/4 months of tuition) therefore June is 3/4 month tuition.


Adult Classes

Adults have three options:

Drop In $25, payment & signed waiver must be received prior to taking a class.

• Regular online registration

5 class ($95) card. The card must be purchased by emailing the office before the first class and used within 2 months. A waiver must be signed upon purchase of class card.

Download the 2020-21 Terms & Conditions & Waiver

There are no refunds on class cards.


Class Levels

      • Below is a guideline for selecting the appropriate level of classes. Please contact the office if you have any questions regarding which level to enroll your student.

        Primary 1st grade in school
        Ballet I 2nd grade in school
        Ballet II 3rd grade in school
        Ballet III  4th grade in school
        Ballet IV 5th grade in school
        Ballet V 6th grade in school
        Intermediate & Advanced level at the discretion of the MPAD Director

        Students must take the corresponding Jazz & Lyrical levels as their Ballet level.The children’s age is simply a guideline for placing a student in a class. Classes are based on ability levels, thus a child will not be over or underwhelmed. Please contact us if you have any questions.

      • Lyrical Students level I-V are required to be enrolled in a Ballet class at MPAD.

      • Ballet V students may take Saturday Intermediate Ballet at 11am ONLY if they are enrolled in THREE Ballet V classes.

      • Enrollment in Advanced level classes is by permission of Director only.

      • 3 Ballet Technique classes are required to be eligible for Pointe. Intermediate & Advanced contemporary classes are not counted as part of this requirement.

      • Contemporary students are required to be enrolled in a Ballet class at MPAD. Intermediate Contemporary is only open to Intermediate Ballet level and up. Ballet V students are NOT permitted in this class.

      • Permission from the studio Director is needed to change class level.

If you are not sure which level is appropriate for your child, please email or call the office before registering.


Competition team

  • Competition team is by invitation only.
  • Please note students participating in another school’s competition team cannot register for classes at MPAOD as it represents a conflict of interest.
  • Separate monthly fees apply for solos, duos, trios, groups & productions rehearsals.


2020-21 Schedule  

All classes offered both In Person and via Zoom, except classes listed as Zoom only.

Studio 1
(1163 El Camino Real)
Studio 2
(1137 El Camino Real)
Studio 3
(1137 El Camino Real)
Studio 5
(3925 Bohannon)
Studio 6
(3925 Bohannon)
Zoom Only Classes


3:30 Pre Ballet 5 yrs – SM

 4:30 Inter. Foundation Ballet

6:00 Pointe

6:45 Advanced II Ballet – ML

8:15 Pointe

4:00 Primary Ballet 6-7 yrs – CP

5:00 Ballet IV

6:00 Advanced I Ballet

8:00 Pointe

3:00 Pre Ballet 4 yrs – NF

4:00 Beg. Tap I 6-9 yrs

5:00 Tap II & III

6:00 Stretch & Strengthen IV

4:00 Ballet III – IS

5:00 Lyrical III

6:00 Beg./Inter. Teen Ballet

7:00 Teen Contemporary/Lyrical

4:00 Lyrical V– FS

5:00 Jazz V

6:00 Inter./Adv. Jazz

7:00 Inter./Adv. Lyrical

10:30 Adult Tap – DW

4:30 PBT* – SA

6:00 Tap IV & V – DW

7:00 Inter. Adult Tap


4:00 Ballet III – SM

5:00 Ballet IV

6:00 Advanced II Ballet

7:30 Pointe

8:30 Adv. Pirouettes & Jumps – ML

4:00  Ballet I – CP

5:00 Ballet V 

6:00 Stretch & Strengthen V

4:00 Beg. Hip Hop 7-10 yrs – JL

5:00 Hip Hop II & III

6:00 Teen Hip Hop

4:30 Inter./Adv. Ballet – ML

6:00 Adv. I Contemporary

7:00 Inter./Adv. Pirouettes & Jumps

4:00 Jazz & Lyrical II – FS

5:00 Intermediate Lyrical

6:00 Intermediate Jazz

7:00 Advanced I Jazz

4:30 PBT * – SA

5:30 Adult Ballet


5:00 Advanced Tap – DW

6:00 Adv. Beg. Adult Tap

7:00 Beginning Adult Tap


4:00 Primary Ballet 6-7 yrs – SM

5:00 Ballet V

6:00 Adv. Foundation II Ballet

7:30 Pointe

3:30 Pre Ballet 5 yrs – NY

4:30 Ballet I

5:30 Intermediate Pointe

6:30 Stretch & Strengthen Intermediate

3:30 Tap & Jazz 5-6 yrs – NF

4:30 Jazz III

5:30 Musical Theatre III & IV

6:30 Stretch and Strengthen IV & V

4:00 Boys  Hip Hop – JL

5:00 Hip Hop IV & V

6:00 Boys Advanced Hip Hop

4:00 Ballet l II – KL

5:00 Ballet IV

6:00 Advanced Foundation I Ballet

7:00 Pointe

10:30 Adult Tap – DW

4:30 PBT* – SA



4:00 Ballet I – SM

5:00 Intermediate II Ballet

6:30 Pointe

7:30 Advanced I Ballet

3:00 Pre Ballet 4 yrs  – NF

4:00 Primary Ballet 6-7 yrs – FS

5:00 Advanced II Lyrical

6:00 Advanced I Lyrical

7:00 Teen Contemporary/Jazz

4:00 Pre Ballet 5 yrs  – NF

5:00 Ballet III

6:00 Advanced II Jazz

 4:00 Ballet IV – KL

5:00 Stretch & Strengthen IV & V

6:00 Ballet V

7:00 Pre Pointe & Foot Strength

4:00 Ballet II – CP

5:00 Intermediate I Ballet

6:30 Pointe



 4:00 Ballet II  – SM

5:00 Ballet V

4:00 Inter. I Contemporary – ML

5:00 Inter. II Contemporary

6:00 Inter./Adv. Pirouettes & Jumps

3:00 Pre Dance & Tap 4 yrs – NF

5:00 Musical Theatre  IV & V

6:00 Jazz IV


5:00 Stretch & Strengthen Adv. – JF

6:00 Stretch & Strengthen Inter. & Inter./Adv.


9:30 Advanced Ballet – PH

11:00 Intermediate I Ballet

12:30 Contemporary  & Classical Repertoire (Adv. Pointe only) – ML/SM

9:30 Inter/Adv. Ballet – ML

11 :00 Adv. II Contemporary

12:30 Musical Theatre V & Intermediate – NF

1:30 Stretch & Strengthen Inter./Adv.

9:00 Pre Ballet 5 yrs  – NY

10:00 Intermediate II Ballet

11:30 Pointe

12:30 Lyrical IV – VJ

1:30 Musical Theatre III & IV

9:00 Pre Dance & Tap 3 yrs – NF

10:00 Pre Ballet 4 yrs

11:00 Jazz & Lyrical I & II

9:00 Primary Ballet 6-7 yrs – KL

10:00 Ballet I

11 :00 Ballet III

12:00 Ballet II


* PBT – Progressing Ballet Technique. Open to Levels IV to Advanced. Adults welcome.